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Amorita is culinary alchemy. It is learning from our Abuelas the joy of playing and creating new flavors using the traditional techniques of our ancestral kitchens for you to savor.

Our signature Spice Mix, renders the subtle fire of Morita peppers and the delicate perfumes of Rosa, Lavanda, and Jasmín. Each with their own notes highlighting the flavors of your dishes in their own unique ways. 


Enjoy Xocolatl, gracefully endowed with cinnamon and dark cacao. Our version of almond mole. Its rich cacao flavor gives it depth, while the sweet almonds compliment the heat from the carefully crafted mixture of seeds, spices, and chiles. 

We strive to bring you only the finest ingredients crafted into artisanal products full of balanced flavors designed to tease your palate and delight your senses.

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